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"Decaf" is short for "decaffeinated" or "decaffeination." Decaf Tea has undergone a process which eliminates most of the caffeine content. Two processes are currently used to commercially decaffeinate tea, an ethyl acetate and a CO2 Tea is decaffeinated with a solvent that dissolves the caffeine in tea leaves and is then removed. The tea is then fermented and dried as usual. The three main solvents used are methylene chloride, ethyl acetate and carbon dioxide (pressurized to form a liquid).  Although methylene chloride is harmful when inhaled, the FDA has deemed it safe for use in decaffeination.

It's possible to decaffeinate tea with water, but this extracts some of the flavor compounds as well as the caffeine. While the ethyl acetate method is cheaper and easier, the CO2 method has been proven much safer. 

MAG Tea ONLY SELLS DECAF TEA USING THE CHEMICAL FREE CO2 PROCESS.  Our teas are decaffeinated naturally using pure water to naturally decaffeinate teas while leaving in the flavor.  Finished tea is briefly soaked in pure water and flushed with CO2 that binds to the caffeine molecules and Header.jpgpulls them out of the tea. Interestingly, tea gets its flavor and color from naturally occurring proteins that are untouched during both of these processes. Caffeine goes out - flavor and color stay in. Our decaf teas taste great!  What makes them so good is that our decaf teas are from premium quality seasonal teas.  No chemicals mean no aftertaste!