Come taste the difference

Tea is not the only plant for making delicious infusions. These herbal infusions, herb blends, and botanicals are caffeine-free but still packed with the same health benefits, vitamins, minerals, and energizing and mood elevating qualities we love in tea. Perfect for the caffeine-sensitive or for drinking late night, when stimulation is not required, herbal tea represents a rainbow of flavors and colors and are soothing and balancing. Fruits, flowers, roots and herbs are used in the foods, drinks and medicines of just about every culture.

Come taste the difference!

Raspberry Rose Petal, Teas Etc, 1 oz tin $5.99
Click Here for Product Details! A favorite herbal blend of hibiscus flower, lemon peel, red rose petal, rose hips, and apple pieces. [ More Information ]
Cinnamon City - 85 gm tin $6.99
Click Here for Product Details! Cinnamon City Herbal Tea has rich notes of cinnamon, succulent hibiscus, hints of plum and accented with naturally sweet licorice root. Warm and soothing, Organic Cinnamon City is a delicious fruity and full-bodied herbal infusion. [ More Information ]

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